• Kevin Ho


By Kevin Ho


ArrowDynamix is a tool for Cardists to explore the themes of direction, juxtaposition and flow within the context of Cardistry. In simple terms, it’s an arrow-themed deck of cards that can be used to accentuate one’s moves, as well as helping them create new ones.

Here's the official trailer:

Here are some amazing takes on the concept by Cardists around the world:


ArrowDynamix was inspired by the Symbol of Chaos, origami folding instructions, as well as the question, “What if a deck of cards told you what to do?”

The image of cards with arrows on them pointing out in all sorts of different directions seemed like a really cool concept to me, and so I got a hold of some blank playing cards and drew arrows on them. The rest is history.


The first big advancement with ArrowDynamix came when I added a shorter, horizontal arrow on the faces of the cards to complement the larger, vertical arrow on the backs. This allowed for a retention of vision while performing certain isolations and front-facing routines.