• Lars Mayrand


Updated: Oct 13, 2020

By Lars Mayrand


Accordions created by Lars Mayrand is a deck of cards that has been cut and woven together in a way that allows the cards to move around while staying together. No strings attached, adhesives used, or any funny business. Just paper. They’re called accordions because they can expand and contract just like the instrument, an "Accordion". Lars also considered calling them "Snakes".

Accordions are about the same size and thickness as a normal deck of cards.

Accordions Thickness (52 Cards)

But they can do some cool stuff and movements that a normal deck can not. 

They can spread and hold interesting positions:

They can form curved spreads and fans:

They can bloom!

And so many other possibilities to explore! Here's Shivraj Morzaria doing some cool moves with them:

And here's Lars Mayrand doing some insane stuff with them:

"Every act of Destruction is first an act of Creation" - Shivraj Morzaria