• Shivraj Morzaria


Updated: Oct 13, 2020

(Cards + Destroy)


Cardestroy is a concept by Shivraj Morzaria. The idea behind it is to find a use for the ‘Poop Decks’ (old decks). It is named “Cardestroy” because here ‘Cards’ are being ‘Destroyed’ to create. The concept was created around late July 2015.

Majority of the moves are based on an arrangement/set-up done on a flat surface, hands or anywhere possible and performing mechanics. Of course this was just the beginning as later the possibilities multiplied by cutting or rolling the cards to create. Although one should not confuse it with "Origami". The flexible definition for Cardestroy would be: It is the art of bending, cutting, rolling, tearing the cards and creating unique motions that otherwise aren't possible but NOT using any sort of glue, tape or other adhesives.

Here are some examples of Cardestroy:


"Nothing specifically inspired it, one fine day I decided to do something weird with cards. So I just bent the cards randomly for fun to start with. After experimenting for a while I discovered that they would follow some unique motions/mechanics or 'chain reactions'. This was something that unlocked a new door for creativity. It's like not dealing with just 'rectangles' anymore. You can see the first ideas I'm referring to below in the first Cardestroy video." explained Shivraj.

Pablo Picasso once said,

"Every act of Creation is first an act of Destruction."

But here I would rather say,

"Every act of Destruction is first an act of Creation"


Posted by Shivraj Morzaria on 17th July 2015, this is the first Cardestroy video ever:

These were some of the first ideas of the concept before it took flight on the internet or was even called "Cardestroy". Yes it's definitely not as impressive but a great look-back to see how much it has evolved throughout the years Although this was the first ever video posted, the first full length cardestroy video was "Cardestroy (Cards + Destroy)".


Cardestroy was featured on countless art featuring pages on Instagram and some famous pages holding an audience of at least 4 Million. This was just the beginning as later Cardestroy got featured on well known platforms like Business Insider. Insider made a documentary on Shivraj in late